Gluten Free India

Celiac is not a disease but a “WAY OF LIFE" for many of us.

We are one of the largest stockiest of various gluten free products. We provide a wide range of affordable and best in class gluten free products for patients suffering from Celiac, Autism, and other chronic diseases. Our aim is to support a nationwide cause of creating a gluten free India. We strongly believe that there is no reason for anyone to compromise flavor or variety at a mealtime. Our team of experts helps patients to adopt Celiac as a way of life and not let it become a hindrance in their day to day life.

As a company, we pay extra attention in choosing the right range of products that are not only certified by HACCP but of high standard in quality and extremely affordable. Gluten Free India ( offers wide range of Gluten free flour, breads, cakes, cookies, pastas, traditional sweets, fresh bakery and healthy snacks for all age group. We have range of delicious Gluten free Casein Free diet (GFCF diet).

If Gluten free diet is your “WAY OF LIFE” then please call us and share your experience with us. We are eager to stand by you;



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