Gluten Free / Dairy Free Diet for Autism

A gluten-free/casein free diet is also known as the GFCF diet. It is one of several alternative treatments for children with autism. When following this strict elimination diet, all foods containing gluten

found in wheat, barley and rye) and casein ( found in milk and dairy products) and sugar are removed from the child's daily food intake. Gluten free casein free sugar free (GFCFSF)diet has been explored more and more with excellent outcomes for many children.

Children with autism eats brown rice, Quinoa, Sorghum, Aamaranths products in place of gluten products. Some of the rice products are rice pasta, gfcf breads, Stevia or coconut sugar in place of sugar, soy milk ,camel milk as a milk replacer.  Among the benefits they report are changes in speech and behavior. The idea behind the use of GFCF diet is to reduce symptoms and improve social and cognitive behaviors ,speech and hyper activity in children.